Perfect cooling of sheet metal

The first InfraCooler was developed for Gestamp Hardtech. Infrasound creates an intensive turbulence with particle velocities over 70 m/s. This increases the heat transfer rate between the cooling object and the surrounding cooling water dramatically. With this technology, we have helped Gestamp Hartech reduce their cycletime with more than 10% while also improve the quality of the end product.

Infrasonik has an ongoing collaboration with SSAB. A full scale prototype which is three times the size of the Gestamp installation is built and tested, and we have proved that we can harden steel with air.


– New possibilities to produce future high-strength steel

– Elimination of process steps

– Reduced primary energy use

How InfraCooling works

Infrasound creates a strong turbulence in the cooling box which increases the heat transfer between (1) the steel sheet and the air, and (2) the air and the water cooled fins. 

Watch it in action