Booster BBQ Grill, Röshults

After years of development and thousands of test and evaluations, we are proud to announce that our partner Röshults has launched the Booster BBQ Grill. 

This is not an ordinary barbecue. The Booster BBQ combines Röshults characteristic timeless design with Infrasonik’s revolutionary infrasound technology. With the fast rate of a gas grill, you can now achieve the smoky, delicious flavours that only a charcoal grill can give. We are taking barbecuing to a whole new level!

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Benefits of the Booster

It’s fast

In only 5 minutes your coal is perfect and ready for you to start. We barbecue every day of the week. As can you!

Control of the temperature

No need to move everything to the edge because the temperatue is too high. Simply decrease the sound.

Delicious taste!

Since you can control the temperature, you can cook as you would have in a pan. But with the great taste of the coal.

Environmentally friendly

Minimum smoke emissions due to complete combustion. No need for lighter fluid. Less coal waste.

No flame

The technology prevents fat dripping down from the food from bursting into flames. Don’t burn your food!

How it works

Infrasonik’s unique technology is the heart of the Booster BBQ, installed under the coal container. Infrasound at 16 Hz is generated by two speakers which create a pulsating wave of air moving back and forth through the coal at 1,2 m/s. 

As the frequency is below the hearable level of human hearing, it’s a completely quiet noise. 

The turbulence generated by the infrasound accelerates the combustion rate and makes the berbecue ready in only a few minutes. The temperature can be controlled as easily as the volume on your speakers. 

Watch it in action