About us

Inventors and experts in infrasound


Since Mats Olsson graduated from Chalmers Technical University in 1964, he has devoted his career to develop different methods to create infrasound, and to find creative and smart applications to the technology. For instance, his previous company Infrafone (now Heat Management) invented a profitable and ecofriendly soot cleaning technology based on Infrasound. 

Infrasonik AB is his latest creation. We continuously discover new opportunities with our infrasound technology and realize those in successful, highly innovative, products and projects. We have the know-how and methods to create incredible and unique solutions and reach impressive results.


We are experts in infrasound and work on highly innovative projects with strong industrial and commercial parters to develop revolutionizing technology

Global partners in various industries

We always look for the best global partners to maximize the impact and reach of our projcets and products. We are proud to be working with some of the most innovative companies and institutions in the world. 

In 2017 Röshults launched the Booster BBQ Grill, developed with Infrasonik
We work with Gestamp's R&D team to innovate their production line
We cooperate with ÅF to ensure high quality deliveries